Owned Media Monetisation & Ad Operations Manager

US/UK or time zone compatible (EST) Full-time Allows remote


Mobile Nations has several internal ad and sponsorship zones managed by different people. The zones are primarily managed in DFP but there are some native zones graphically managed through our CMS (Drupal).

Decisions for what occupies a given spot come from different areas of the business and stakeholders but often have similar goals - CTR and Revenue/Lead Gen.

These units alone have 400M+ impressions per month. Each unit has competing ad content vying for placement.

We will soon be adding a significant number of native zones that will increase the number of impressions managed.


Working remotely and reporting to the Commerce Director the role shall be responsible for all internal ad and sponsorship zones.

All scheduling, management and prioritisation will run through this role regardless of campaign stakeholder. You will work with all stakeholders to identify and set requirements, resolve issues and conflicts.

External campaigns will have creatives provided by the relevant stakeholders for a given ad unit but the line items, scheduling, priorities and rotation will be determined by you in order to meet the stakeholder’s goals.

For standard house campaigns you will be the stakeholder commissioning new creative on a regular basis and optimizing the campaign to improve KPIs and ultimately monetization.

Post publishing you will need to provide access to reporting for stakeholders on demand and present reporting on internal campaigns to the Commerce Director. You will analyze campaign performance, ensuring all are effectively maintained to guarantee optimal delivery and work with our product team should any ad related emergencies crop up.

In time you will work with our product teams to ensure internal units are maintained correctly and have a home through subsequent design updates. They will need your input when optimizing placement and visibility.

KPIs and Goals

  • Bring all promotional spaces under control (deployment/maintenance and reporting)
  • Increasing eCPM and eRPM internal inventory zones
  • Establish and improve baseline Zone value (Revenue/LeadGen/Branding)
  • Tracking and report Impressions and CTRs on external campaigns
  • Improve and report campaign relevant KPIs as determined by stakeholder


  • 3+ years as a monetisation manager owning and optimizing performance based revenue in digital promotions space
  • 2+ years experience in digital operations for ad-tech/ecommerce building, publishing and managing campaigns in related technology (DFP/Programmatic)
  • 2+ years experience working with creatives optimizing campaigns for key KPIs
  • 2+ years experience with adwords or similar
  • Cross-discipline / cross-medium communication skills
  • Demonstrable data driven approach to tasks
  • Ability to work with cross-functional groups
  • Ability to work remotely in a disciplined way free from distractions
  • Ability to meet tight and ad-hoc deadlines where necessary
  • Knowledge of css/jquery or cms templating helpful