Product Research Contributor - Remote Position

Winchester, Virginia, United States | Contract | Allows remote


What is a Product Research Contributor?

Product Research Contributors are the Mobile Nations team of enthusiastic knowledge consumers. Their job is to deeply research every facet of an assigned product in order to better understand it and the people who use it. This research includes consumer purchase history, competing product comparrisons, questions potential consumers have surrounding the product. and investigating stand out features users may have difficulty using after a purchase. 

Put simply, we want people who know how to thoroughly research something before they make a purchase. And we want to give you better tools for deeper research so you can share those results with the world. 

What kind of products?

ALL kinds of products. From weighted blankets and Instant Pot clones to smartphone-powered athletic wear to leaf blowers. Our network of writers is a diverse group with a lot of passion for many different kinds of products, and we're eager to add your passion for making the best possible purchase to this group of people!

Is this the job for me?

This is largely a research position, but there's also a heavy writing component to it. Product Research Contributors will be assigned a wide variety of products and asked to answer simple questions about those products as thoroughly as possible for our online audience.

We are eager to hire anyone who:

  • Loves deeply researching a product before purchasing it themselves
  • Is excited about a wide variety of products and brands
  • Can demonstrate an ability to thoughtfully compile research into an easy to understand and digest format

This is a freelance position, but there is no upper limit to how much you can do and earn. We do, however, ask that you commit to three assignments per week as a minimum. As long as you can make that commitment and regularly deliver on it, you can set your own schedule.