Audio Tech Blogger - Remote Position

Portland, Oregon, United States | Contract | Allows remote


Mobile Nations is looking for someone who lives and breathes Audio, who has one preferred set of headphones for sitting at their desk and one for running outdoors, and who can't leave the house without one or the other. We need a headphone junkie to join our team, and share their knowledge with our readers!


What kind of work is this?
We're looking for someone who knows everything there is to know about the Audio ecosystem as a whole. This includes:

  • High end headphones for audiophones
  • Workout headphones for gym enthusiasts and outdoor folks
  • Good, cheap headphones for people on a budget
  • Great wired headphones
  • Killer wireless headphones

As our Audio Writer, your job will be to talk about every across the headphone and speaker ecpsystem, and everything that integrates into our phones, computers, and televisions. You will be our go-to person for all things Audio. Specifically, we need you to:

  • Explain what features matter most when choosing headphones or speakers
  • Demonstrate how a good set of headphones improves your life
  • Help our audience choose the right set of headphones for them, even if that selection isn't your personal favorite

Is this assignment for me?

This position is designed for someone who is eager to write a lot about headphones and speakers. This is a large product list with even more unique features, and we want to talk about all of it with our audience. This includes the occasional review, but most of this writing has to do with explaining individual features and helping out audience determine if those things are worth it for them to invest in one product over others. 

This position is supported by the entire Mobile Nations staff. Headphone content lives on all of our websites right now, so you'll be working with folks from Android Central, Windows Central, iMore, and CordCutters to create the best list of things our audeince needs to know. It's not a requirement for you to own every product right now, either, just be very familiar with the ecosystem and ready to learn as much as you can while you work with our teams. 

How much work is available?

We're looking for someone willing to contribute long term, covering a wide assortment of products and accessories and discussing how they interact over time. This will include creating new content and maintaning it over time so it remains relevant to our audience. While there is no upper threshold on how many articles can be submitted, we do ask applicants commit to a minimum of four articles submitted per week for this particular assignment. 

Are you ready? Come work with us!